Who we are

RideFairTO is a coalition that brings together a diverse group of organizations, including taxi and ride-hailing drivers, public transit workers, environmental organizations, cycling and pedestrian advocates, academic institutions, research institutes and community groups.  

We are not against ride-hailing, but we believe ride-hailing platforms must be governed by fair regulations that protect drivers, customers and the public interest. So far, the City of Toronto has lowered the bar on its entire vehicle-for-hire policy and undermined a whole range of the City’s otherwise sound policy objectives. 

This campaign was conceived for three key reasons:  

  • To address the impact of ride-hailing apps on workers, existing transportation systems, climate change, public health and the public realm; 
  • To articulate a vision for future mobility systems that can support sustainable, resilient, healthy cities and create quality jobs; and,
  • To assert democratic, public control over our shared mobility systems. 

If you support our coalition goals, tell us that we have your support.

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